Choosing the IDEAL Grass Seed

Whether you are ready to sow a new lawn or patch up an existing lawn that has been worn or damaged, choosing the best grass seed is essential at the earliest stage.

Family or utility lawns

Family lawns need to withstand a lot of traffic and must be easy to repair. A predominantly ryegrass seed mixture such as our IDS2000 GREENSPEED or IDS2004 GREENSHADE are best, they are mixtures including tough grasses that grow back quickly. Other than a regular mow and feed, these types of lawns will need very little attention and are extremely tolerant of use by children and dogs.

Gardeners or landscape lawns

For a beautiful fine lawn that can withstand regular use, but neither needs to be a play area nor a bowling green, we recommend our IDS2004 GREENSHADE. Hard wearing lawn seed contains plenty of hardy, fast- growing ryegrass whereas the fine lawn seed is composed of finer grasses. With a regular feed and mowing regime, topped up by raking or scarifying every two to three years, you will have a great looking lawn with relatively little maintenance.

Ornamental lawns

For the ultimate in luxurious lawns and that ‘bowling green’ look, you need a mix of extremely fine grasses that thrive after a close crop. We recommend our IDS2001 GREENFLASH mixture is a blend of the very best fine-leaved species of grass that can be safely cut as low as 5mm. Beware, as such a lawn is extremely high-maintenance and will need to be aerated and scarified regularly to keep looking its best. In the right hands, an ornamental lawn can look stunning.

A word on our grass seed quality, reliability, and performance

The purity (lack of weeds) and age are vital components when buying seed. Lawn grass seed in bags or boxes might be years old, so choose a reputable supplier like Idealseed who can provide lawn seeds and grass seeds which are produced and packed in line with DEFRA seed regulations. Our grass seed is sold certified, which means it must meet exceptionally high standards of purity and germination before we can market or sell.

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