Start by removing all existing weeds and other material, if necessary, use an appropriate systematic weed killer.

If the area has been overgrown with weeds for several years, it is important to reduce the number of weed seeds in the soil. It may be necessary therefore hold-off for a few weeks for the first flush of weeds to germinate then remove before attempting to sow any wildflowers.

  1.  Wildflowers prefer a poor soil with low nutrients. If practical, remove any good quality topsoil.
  2. Once the weeds have been removed, prepare soil to a fine tilth ready for sowing your wildflower seeds.
  3. Trynottodisturbthesoilanyfurtherasthismaybringmoreweedseedstothesurface.

Choose a wildflower seed mixture suitable for your soil conditions. If uncertain, remember to think what your soil is like during the growing period from March – October (most popular is our BEE & BUTTERFLY 100% Native British).

Sowing times can be any time during the period from the end of March to the end of October. The ideal time being the cooler spring and autumn months – avoid the hot summer months.

Sow wildflower seed at 2-3 g/m2 for 100% & 5-6 g/m2 for 80/20% mixtures, it should not be necessary to rake the seed over as the light helps germination of many species.

To assist sowing, it is advisable to mix the wildflower seed with dry sand. This will help in distributing the seed evenly over a large area. A seed spreader can also help with this.
If using our 80/20% mixtures the nurse grasses will appear within 7 – 10 days; the wildflowers may vary depending upon species – some may take only a few weeks, while others can take several months.

Idealseed CORNFIELD ANNUAL mixture will flower the same year if sown during the spring or the previous autumn.

Perennial wildflower species will establish during the first year of sowing and flower during the second year.

If you’d like to establish a wildflower garden that flowers in the same year, but with new species the following year, use our DUAL-PURPOSE wildflower seed mix which contains both cornfield annuals and perennial wildflower species.

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