About Us

Founded by Billy Nimmo, respected as a leading authorities in the grass & wildflower seed industry for over 30 years, Idealseed is a fully independent company, licenced and regulated with the Scottish Government (seed merchant No 4236) and The British Society of Plant Breeders licence No L2823, we are not committed to any one breeding programme but maintain close working relationships with leading grass breeders throughout Europe in order to deliver you the very best quality of seed available all completely priced.

Our Philosophy

Good grass establishment and effective utilisation is a science and with all sciences knowledge is the key to success, especially knowledge that has a practical application. the aim of I-DS is to share our wealth of knowledge and experience by providing you with seed mixtures which are designed for specific applications and use.

By utilising the latest technology and innovations the synergy of I-DS Grass & Native British wildflower seed mixtures can dramatically result in plants that are extremely adaptable to exploit their challenging individual environments.

Grassland deterioration

Even under the best management Grassland will naturally deteriorate. For this reason over-seeding or a complete re-seed is necessary to maintain optimum production and performance. Whichever method you prefer, remember that the specific mixture selected for seeding is paramount. Feedback from our existing customers allows I-DS to visit sites in order to analyse grass in real situations, to determine the interactivity and synergy of our mixtures.


Terms & Conditions of Idealseed apply in every instance, these can be located on our home page. in the event of a shortfall in supply or failed harvest, Idealseed reserve the right to supply varieties of a similar or better merit that those currently listed on this website. any such changes will be found on the official green mixture label attached to the bag.