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Most turf grass species require a few hours of full sun each day. Without this turf can deteriorate, becoming prone to disease. If you have a problem with shade under trees with dense canopies, it’s worth remembering not to sow grass within a diameter of around 3ft from the base of the tree, this will avoid the grasses and tree roots having to out-compete each other for moisture.

Selecting shade-tolerant grasses is the most important factor in growing from seed successfully in shade. Our ID2004 LOW MAINTENANCE mixture is widely used across the UK in Lawn, Landscaping, Parks & Embankment situations.

We also have many repeat sales from professional Landscapers that require successful establishment in areas of drought and poor nutrient levels, all find that ID2004 has achieved 100% success.

However, bear in mind that even shade-tolerant grasses need some light.

Possible shade modification
Where this is not possible, prune overhanging trees to increase light levels. This may involve crown lifting, where the lower trunk is cleared of branches, or crown thinning, where the entire canopy is thinned. A tree surgeon can advise on the best method.

Cut lawns in shade less frequently and to no lower than 6cm (2½ in). Preferably, keep the height of cut as high as 7.5-9cm (3-3½ in). Always remove the clippings

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