The fastest establishing grass ever available with Yield potential 19t+ DM/ha in year 1 and 17t+ DM/ha in year 2. First choice where extra forage is required immediately.


Rapid establishment which provides winter cover even at cool temperatures 5-7°C. Excellent production late into autumn, delivering extra grazing opportunities over winter. Exceptionally high yielding & fast growth providing a mature crop in 8-10 weeks. Sown in Spring and/or Autumn, producing a brilliant first cut + rapid growth thereafter.

Catch crop/After-maize for cutting and grazing


Farmers requirement from their short-term grass mixtures is obvious vigour and rapid establishment. When considering short term leys that usually involve Italian ryegrass there is a tendency to assume that there is little choice “It’s only a short-term ley so just a cheap mix of Italian will do” is a frequent common comment. But with Italian ryegrass mixtures only producing establish Yield potential of 17t+ DM/ha in year 1 and 15t+ DM/ha in year 2 the benefits are clear.

Assuming big bale silage weighs 600 kilos, this means potentially, you get 3.3 big bales extra per hectare (or 1.33 per acre) from IDEAL XL. A bale is allegedly worth around £22 today, so the extra output would be worth £29.26 per acre (£73.15/ha).

To find out more: Ideal XL Grass Mixture

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