Bestselling Long-term grass mixture for over 27 years, renowned for its consistent yield and sward density

without question, IDEAL Cut & Graze is the flagship of our FARM seed range, carefully formulated selection of 1st choice varieties recommended by NIAB in England/Wales and SRUC in Scotland places this mixture uniquely “top of the class” when it comes to maximising Quality, Reliability & Performance.

Specifically formulated for high quality forage, giving increased meat or milk production per kg of dry matter, and persistence is ensured by outstanding sward density and winter hardiness.

The I-DS forage grass selection process is focused on varieties at the top level of dry matter yield, persistence, disease resistance, winter hardiness, sward density, spring or autumn growth and drought tolerance. Improving forage quality is paramount to the company and our UK farming partners, as a professional independent company we have access to the best breeder’s varieties for our seed blends.

Suitable for all livestock IDEAL Cut & Graze provided very early seasonal growth for grazing and early grass is money made or at least saved! Concentrate costs are kept as low as possible along with top quality silage, 3 times over the season, if possible running the ewes early over the silage ground really improves the quality of the sward between cuts.

Produces highly digestible forage from a late May first cut with the mixture averaging over 70% D value throughout the season, ensures this mixture is ideal for all farms at fantastic value.

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Billy Nimmo
M.D – Idealseed
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