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IDS2003 Greenverge
This mixture is ideally suited for Embankments or roadside verges where the soil may not be of the best quality, widely used throughout the UK on Caravan/Holiday parks and children’s playing fields where quick establishment, short growth, and some salt and exhaust fume tolerance are called for.

Perennial ryegrass ensures fast establishment, improved drought tolerance and improved stability thanks to the deeper-rooted growth.

While, nitrogen fixing WHITE CLOVER elevates the requirements to apply chemical fertilisation


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IDS2003 GREENVERGE  £5.62/kg

% Species
25 Perennial Ryegrass
20  Strong Creeping Red Fescue
10 Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass
30 Amenity Hard Fescue
10 Bentgrass
5 White Clover

20.00 Kilo Pack 


• Contains a wide range short growth diverse species, D.O.T. recommended
• Can be broadcast sown with our Native Wildflower seed to provide a vibrant sward and improve the Bee & butterfly population
• Sale Tolerant
• Swift Establishment
• Excellent Disease Resistance
• Fantastic stress tolerance
• No added cost of fertiliser as species thrive in poor soil “Nitrogen fixing clover”
• Sowing rate: 35 – 50 grams/m²
• 20 kg covers 600m² average
• Pack size: 20 kg

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Weight 20 kg


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