IDS SUPREME Laminitis (non-Ryegrass)

IDS SUPREME Laminitis (non-Ryegrass)

£68.00 (1 pack is 13kg)

IDEAL SUPREME Laminitis (non-Ryegrass)

A specialist high performance equine mixture without any ryegrass content at all. We offer this superb (equine safe) ley mix with the option of suitable herbs being added. Produces natural diverse forage species that are both durable and highly persistent. Adding appropriate herbs to the mixture boosts the availability of vital minerals and vitamins to grazing livestock. Offers flexibility to make high quality hay or haylage.

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IDEAL SUPREME Laminitis (non-Ryegrass)

Weight Species
4.50 Timothy
1.50 Meadow Fescue
1.50 Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass
4.0 Strong Creeping Red Fescue
1.5 Sheeps Fescue

13.00 Kgs / Acre Pack – Option to add 0.50kgs or 1.00kgs Herbal mix when ordering. This contains Perennial Chicory, Burnet, Ribwort Plantain & Sheeps Parsley.

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Weight 13 kg


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