Idealseed is a leading supplier of Wildflower & Grass seed in the UK, our Wildflower seed is 100% native British and sourced only from professional growers.

Seed can be sown anytime of the year and the idea if sowing March-October is purely a myth, what’s more, winter seeding is more in line with natural processes. Spring seeding is actually an artificial process. This process is called Dormant Seeding.

I-DS LOWGROW Wildflower seed mixture

100% UK Native Low Growing wildflower seed.
Contains a mixture of 20 species all providing compact growth habits. This mixture is ideal for areas where height is an important factor. Can be use on large scale projects such as roundabouts and roadsides or smaller areas in the garden, cemeteries, church yards or just anywhere you’d want a blanket of beautiful blooms to attract pollinators and grow year after year.

100% Native British Flora
Bedstraw, Lady’s
Black Medick
Burnet, Salad
Campion, Bladder
Carrot, Wild
Cat’s-ear, Common
Forget-me-not, Field
Hawkbit, Autumn
Hawkbit, Rough
Plantain, Hoary
Ragged Robin
Sorrel, Sheep’s
Toadflax, Common
Trefoil, Bird’s-foot
Vetch, Kidney
Yellow Rattle

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Billy Nimmo
M.D – Idealseed
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Billy Nimmo Seeds

I’m Billy Nimmo, founder of Idealseed. For over 30 years, I have worked in the grass and wildflower seed industry in the UK. My journey started with a vision to make Idealseed a leader in quality and innovation. We achieved this goal through hard work and embracing new technology.

My company is independent and licensed by the Scottish Government and The British Society of Plant Breeders. This shows our commitment to high standards and fair prices. We blend tradition with innovation to produce top-quality seeds. Our seeds thrive in tough environments, proving our success.

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I lead a team at Idealseed that shares my passion for excellence. With their support, we have become known across Europe as a leading provider of grass and wildflower seeds. We focus on quality first and are always looking for ways to improve. Our approach combines traditional methods with modern science.

Over these years, I’ve guided Idealseed with clear values: quality, innovation, and sustainability. Our work helps lands flourish across the UK. With every seed mix we create, we aim for excellence. This dedication has shaped our company’s journey from an ambitious idea to a trusted industry leader.