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Lawns are somehow side-lined these days, often to be replaced with neatly raked gravel or York stone, which is invariably imported from India!

Bring back the stripes, I say. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, more satisfying that sitting in the garden with a glass of wine admiring your perfect lawn ID2002 QUALITY lawn seed mixture contains the finest fescues which provided a very dense and close knitted sward preventing invasion from weeds. It really is well worth the initial effort to show off your lawn to the neighbours and complement your flower beds.

Creating the strips
I-Dealseed professional greenkeeper customers have various ways of creating their perfect sward, they will talk about “raising their knives”; there is a buccaneering sound to it, the easiest approach if using ID2002 is cut each second mowing strip at 18mm then every other strip at 16mm.

ID2002 QUALITY LAWN is very much a show/ornamental lawn and will withstand a reasonable amount of wear, weekly barbecue, family fun and such. Should you require a more hardwearing lawn we recommend ID2000 ECONOMY, which in its self will give an excellent appearance, it will also provide a surface capable of withstanding hours of family fun and football.

ID2002 requires less frequent cutting and to no lower than 12mm (½ in). Preferably, keep the height of cut as high as 18mm (3/4 in). Always remove the clippings.

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