July 2017 will see the launch of “50 Shades of Green®” the ultimate range of Native Wild Flower & Lawn Seed

I-Dealseed wildflower meadow mixtures are specifically formulated by qualified seedsmen, rich and well balanced, with a range of colours, heights and prolonged flowering period. The “50 Shades of Green” range consists of 18 individual mixtures designed for individual soil type/geographical location throughout the UK and each containing a minimum of 20 species of Native British Wild Flowers.

Bright and beautiful our British native wildflowers attract Bees and Butterflies, whilst creating a visually attractive meadow.

Carefully selected from Royal Horticultural Society “Perfect for Pollinators” Our work is also focused on the development of new concepts that are both cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly, we also supply bespoke mixture suited to any specification, supported be free on-line or telephone advice or site visit.

All seed mixtures are available in: 100g – 500g – 1.00kg packs

Complementing of range of Wild Flowers are 100% Grass seed mixtures designed specifically to provide you with the IDEAL grass Lawn or Landscaping surface.

For more information, including full technical PDF print version visit us on-line: idealseed.co.uk

Billy Nimmo
M.D – Idealseed
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