Idealseed provide free helpful advice and solutions for all your grass seeding needs

IIdealseed is a relatively new company founded in 2014 by Billy Nimmo with decades of experience and knowledge behind him, with headquarters in Scotland I-DS focus on the providing the very best forage and turf grass mixture for all sectors.

I-DS offers not only premium quality seeds, but also intelligent concepts for overcoming challenging projects and providing solutions tailored to individual requirements.

Previously employed in key management rolls with global grass seed breeders for decades Billy has worked hand-in-hand with end users to develop sophisticated and productive seed mixtures and is renowned throughout Europe for his expertise in the seed industry.

At I-DS we also tap into our unique knowledge of species and varieties to develop customised seed mixtures for the Professional & Landscape Turf sector that cater for a wealth of customer needs.

For us, it means sourcing new innovative ideas, methods and technologies based on best practice to improve and expand our extensive portfolio. Grass SEED is very much a science and as with all sciences knowledge is the key to success and especially knowledge that has a practical application.

Regrettably it is a fact that much of the current knowledge resides in many of the older members/friends of the industry and even this store is dwindling as people leave the profession through retirement.

Our work is also focused on the development of new concepts that are both cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Billy Nimmo
M.D – Idealseed
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