White Clover can be problematic when it comes to establishment. Spring establishments are always by far more successful due to the improved root development and the improvement in the root bacterial colonisation.

Most problems occur when clover is drilled too deep, the grass emerges first then when the clover does manage to get through it is shaded during the early stage of development by the grass crop above. As modern Tetraploid Ryegrass varieties are tremendous competition for young clover plants. Vital that the mixture you select for your sward is designed by a qualified Seed specialist who has gained knowledge of species and more importantly varietal interactivity.

Once white clover does start to grow and establish root nodulation it will compete in most swards, but until this point the plant will remain vulnerable.

Over-sowing or stitching-in white clover can be very successful. Either graze the sward or cut to reduce as much competition as possible maximising soil contact in every instance

There are numerous mixtures available on the market that contain White Clover. However, most only have white clover because it is aesthetically pleasing or traditional, there is little point in adding White Clover unless you can maximize the potential of doing so, remember clover is the most expensive species in the bag.

The variety most suited to your needs will to a large extent depend on the job the ley is to do; a blend of varieties is always preferable to reduce the risk of loss through disease and pests. If the mixture contains mainly Late Perennial Grass a smaller or medium leafed can be best as this mixture is designed predominantly for grazing. If Intermediates then this would usually mean the sward will be silage/graze/silage system developing a more erect growth habit, so large medium or large leaved clovers should be used.


Seed Rate: Very much dependent on the job the clover must do, a sward heavily reliant on clover would require 20% inclusion.

(by weight) = 1.00 – 1.25 kg’s per 15.00 Kilo mixture

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