The first thing that comes to mind when someone wants to seed Wildflowers is to clear everything on where you will sow it. Yes, that means statues, swings and any other garden decorations that may be on it. Also, it would be best to do it at a season that is right for it. If you do it at the wrong season, you may end up wasting your time. The best months to do it would be either August to October or March to May.

What to do Before Seeding

Just like any other process, preparation is very important. Thus, it would be best to see if there is any other seed that is growing there. If there isn’t any other growing seed on the garden that is good news for you. If there is, you will have to germinate it then eventually take it out.

Another thing to do while preparing for wildflower seeding is to clear everything that is there. You can’t blame yourself if you scattered heavy garden equipment there. If you can’t move them by yourself, enlist the help of somebody else. Besides, it is very important the seed bed looks spotless.

Look around the garden and see if there are any other flower seeds. If there are, it is best to get rid of them immediately. It is going to take a long time to grow Wildflowers so it won’t be wise to grow it with other flowers. Thus, it is best to move the other flowers (if you have any) to another garden or maybe a pot.

3 Seed Mixes

100% Perennials Wildflower seed mix – The number one rule for this seed is that it should be sown at 1.5 grams per square meter. If that is not followed, it can be hard for the wildflower to grow. It should be planted at a spot where there is already grass growing. Another thing to take note is that there are a lot of seeds in the package. It is simply impossible to count the number of seeds in it.

This is a great mixture that would bloom no matter what season it is. Yes, that means it will bloom even if it is winter. That would say a lot about this product and they can handle the temperature no matter how high it is. Additionally, this is purely a flower seed so there is no mixture of anything else.

Cornfield annuals mixes – Words can’t describe how colorful these things are. You are going to be astounded the moment you see them. The only problem is they last only a year. Thus, be prepared to plant another set after that. Of course, the most important thing to remember is the seed rate and for Cornfield annuals mixes it is 2 grams per square meter.

There is only one reliable distributor of this product and that is NutsnCones Seeds Ltd. Thus, better not trust a similar product that is sold by another company. They’re a company that takes great pride in provide their customers good service. There is a reason why instructions are already provided in every packet. They don’t want you to have any difficulties in figuring out how.

A perennial meadow mix – Perhaps, this is the most popular option because it involves a heavy portion of grass. It is best to sow it at a portion where there is grass. If there is no grass, you must remember to sow grass along with the wildflower. Finally, it is best to remember the length of sowing it and that’s 4 grams per square meter.

It is like all your favorite wildflowers are rolled into one. No matter which soil you decide to use, it won’t matter. In addition, it is suitable for any soil you can think of including fertile ones. It is best to use spring sowing so it will only take 2 to 3 months before the flowers show up. The best season would do it would be during fall.

There are several sellers that can deliver this product straight to your doorstep. Of course, before choosing any of them, it would be wise to take a look at their background first. Check out reviews from past clients so you will be confident of your purchase.

Seeding Process

When everything is all set, it is time to start the seeding process. Before anything else, remember to bulk up the seed with another material. Believe it or not, it is difficult to estimate the right seed rate. Thus, it is highly recommended to get a feel of what is happening on the early stages of the wildflower’s growth. This is definitely not the time to make any hasty decisions.

You must search in your garden shed for a rake as you will need it before sowing. While you’re raking, make sure that all the leaves are gone. You don’t have to worry about burning them as that is another task for another time. The next step would be to carefully scatter the seed mixture throughout the desired area. Don’t be afraid to walk over it after they’re distributed throughout the area as that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do. The purpose of that is to push the seed a little further into the ground.

It won’t take a long time before the seeds get established into the ground. You can leave it alone so you can concentrate on doing another task then come back later. If it is in a cornfield, you won’t have to wait long before you come back. It is a whole different story if it is in another field though as it will be much slower.

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