Remember to only use the following advice if you choose to plant the wildflower seed into a pot. If you decide to use other methods like planting them into the grass then the following information would prove to be useless. It is important to know how to grow wildflower seed packets the right away. After all, you would not want to do it the wrong way as you may end up killing the seed.

Birdsfoot Trefoil

This seed can’t be sown in any season. You need to select the perfect season and that is either fall or spring. Also, it would be better to add sand to the mix. The mixture will definitely be more stable if you do that.

Red Campion

Remember that there are specific months when you need to start sowing this one. It would ideally be better if you start sowing the seed on March/April or August/September.


Whatever you do, don’t sow this seed indoors. You must always do it outdoors so it can get some good light. Also, you should remember to cover it with good soil. The best time to sow it would be late summer and it should be put on a seed tray.

Field Scabious

Perhaps, this is one of the most difficult packets to grow. Thus, you should be a little patient for this to grow perfectly. Like most of the things on this list, you should grow this during fall. Also, it should be out in the grass and not inside in your living room.

Ox Eye Daisy

Pick spring as the season to sow this type. In addition, prepare the soil for this. Take all the time you want because it needs to really be prepared. This is another type that should be put on top of a seed tray. There is no need to cover the seed for this type which is great because there is a chance you will forget to put back the cover.


The best season to sow this type would be autumn and not spring. Since it is pretty delicate, it would be advisable to cover it with glass. Yes, that is going to protect it from rain and other particles. The process may be slow but it will be worth it in the end. For preparation, you may need to place the cowslip inside your fridge

Lady’s Bedstraw

Just like other items on this list, this should be put on a seed tray. You don’t have to completely cover it with soil as just have to do it partially. This will require patience as it take up to two to three weeks. Good thing, it will be worth it as long as you don’t forget that they should be at least 18 inches apart.

Purple Loosestrife

It is best to start sowing this type in the spring for a favorable result. This one needs all the light it can get. If you’re planning to put it indoors then place it near your windows.

Lesser knapweed

You won’t have to wait long before this one germinates as it is expected to just take a few weeks. Of course, you need to do all the right things and that includes putting it on top of a tray during spring.


When you sow Foxgloves, keep in mind that you will have to wait a full year after sowing it. That is only when they will flower. Thus, it would be best to pick the perfect season to sow it and there is no better option than later summer.

Wild Carrot

Before planting a wild carrot, you better decide where you want to plant it. You should take your time because it is going to grow the way it should. Thus, pick a place that is perfect for it. It is normal to pick summer or spring to sow it but the best time to do it would be fall.


It is one of those types that can hold its own when planted on the right season. You can start when the summer is about to end and it will still become great. You must not forget to cover it a little bit with soil. While it is young, you have the freedom of transferring it to the grass. Don’t wait until it is late to do so or you can only blame yourself.


There is a huge time frame to plant Yarrow as it can be from the middle part of the year until September. Also, you have the option to start it during fall or autumn and put the seed on a tray. You’re definitely going to be satisfied with the result if you do that.

Yellow Flag Iris

The humble beginnings of this type is none other than a root stock. When fall arrives, you have the option of splitting it so you can plant it out. This is one time when you must be patient because during fall, you may not notice anything. Don’t think that it is not going according to plan though. There are just times when it does not show up until spring.

Yellow Rattle

The first thing you must remember about Yellow Rattle is that it needs to be surrounded by grass. If it is on its own then it will not survive long. It would be best to sow it during fall. One great idea would be to use a mixture of grass and you can watch it to magic as it will seed itself. Now that is something that a lot of packets can’t possibly claim. Are you curious to know more about Yellow Rattle? Simply click here.

Do any of the above packets interest you? Perhaps, there is one packet you are interested in that was not mentioned above? Don’t hesitate to ask us if we have supplies of that because we would love nothing more than to supply them to you. Remember, we are just one call or email away.

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