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SUPERMO Short Term (15 Kg Pack)


SUPERMO Short-Term Super Silage
40% diploid Italian ryegrass, 60% tetraploid Hybrid ryegrass

Independently recommended varieties by SRUC & NIAB.

Exceptional production for up to two years of intensive cutting and aftermath grazing, high yields responds very quickly to required application of fertiliser/slurry. Suitable for both spring or autumn sowing.

When to cut: First cut end May, following by spring graze will produce 70+D value silage, followed by cuts at five week intervals.

This ultimate silage mixture which yielding up to 17tDM/ha in its first year under high input management and will achieve 3-5 cuts per year if required.

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SUPERMO Short Term Silage £4.30/kg

60ASTON CRUSADER Hybrid Ryegrass, Tetraploid
20ALAMO Italian Ryegrass, Diploid
20MERIBEL Italian Ryegrass, Diploid

15.00 Kilo Pack 


• Excellent yields of quality grass
• Ensiles well due to high sugar levels at first cut and will provide 3
more cuts per season thereafter
• Best suited to high nitrogen
• Excellent catch crop or after maize
• High forage quality
• Outstanding varieties
• Superb mid-season production
• Superior quality than 100% IRG blends on the market
• Hybrid combines Perennial Ryegrass type persistence and quality
• Three – Four cuts per season
• Sowing rate: 10 -15kg per acre
• Pack size: 15kg

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Weight15 kg


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