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PENNANT STAR Long Term (20 Kg pack)

£4.80 - £5.05 / £5.05 per Kg 20 - 140kg | £4.80 per Kg 160 + Kg
(in packs of 20Kg)

IDEAL PENNANT STAR Long Term Sheep & Beef
15% Early Perennial Ryegrass, Diploid, 10% Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass, Tetraploid, 25% Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass Diploid, 20% Late Perennial Ryegrass, Diploid DNDF, 15% Late Perennial Ryegrass, Tetraploid DNDF, 8% Intermediate Timothy, 7% White Clover mixture

Truly remarkable Long-Term, high quality very versatile mixture, which is traditionally viewed as Dual Cut & Graze, providing highest levels of forage production in the farming community. Can be utilised for all livestock and is suited to all permanent pasture areas including upland grazing.

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PENNANT STAR Long Term Grass Seed £4.95/kg

% Species
15 GENESIS Early Perennial Ryegrass, Diploid
10 DIWAN Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass, Tetraploid
25 BOYNE Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass Diploid
20 TODDINGTON Late Perennial Ryegrass, Diploid
15 ASPECT Late Perennial Ryegrass, Tetraploid
8 COMER Intermediate Timothy
7 VIOLIN White Clover mixture

20.00 Kilo Pack 


• Best Selling SHEEP mixture UK wide
• High proportion of Diploid Ryegrass with outstanding bottom growth
• High yields from early Spring to late Autumn
• Varieties provide excellent winter-hardiness
• Brilliant rapid regrowth and recovery after intense grazing
• Tetraploid for High energy and high sugar content
• Superb forage quality and D value
• Sowing rate: 14-16kg per acre
• Pack size: 20 kg

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Weight 20 kg


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