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MULTIMO Medium Term (20 kg pack)

£4.50 - £4.75 / £4.75 per Kg 20 - 140kg | £4.50 per Kg 160 + Kg
(in packs of 20Kg)

IDEAL MULTIMO Medium Term Silage & Graze
40% Hybrid Ryegrass, Tetraploid, 60% Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass, Tetraploid

Tetraploid hybrids grow well on their own, although do present a slightly open sward. The Seasonal growth of the sward is vastly improved by growing a combination of hybrid varieties with Diploid Perennial Ryegrass forming a tight sward base particularly in the critical mid-season period to maintain production and minimise weed invasion Hybrids give good yield in early spring, in the critical mid-season period, and in the autumn for extended grazing seasons. MULTIMO will also maintain high yields of good quality silage extending into the fourth harvest year.

When to cut: Up to four cuts per year May, July, August and October.

This is the ultimate medium-term silage mixture, yielding up to 16t DM/ha in its first cut and easily last up to four years.

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MULTIMO £4.74/kg

% Species
40 ASTON CRUSADER Hybrid Ryegrass, Tetraploid
40 DIWAN Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass, Tetraploid
 20 SEAGOE Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass, Tetraploid

20.00 Kilo Pack 


● Hybrid combines Italian yield and sugar content with Perennial quality
● Very high ‘D’ value and palatability
● Hybrid Ryegrass produces 10% more yield than Perennial Ryegrass
● Impressive disease resistance
● Exceptional winter-hardiness and drought tolerance
● Excellent silage yields combined with good sward density for grazing
● Sowing rate: 12 -15kg per acre
● Pack size: 20kg

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Weight 20 kg


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