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£3.22 - £3.47 / £3.47 per Kg 20 - 140kg | £3.22 per Kg 160 + Kg
(in packs of 20Kg)

I-DS XL Mixture Composition
50% HIGH YIELDING Westerwolths Ryegrass, Tetraploid
25% RECOMMENDED Italian Ryegrass, Diploid
25% RECOMMENDED Italian Ryegrass, Tetraploid

Specifications Sowing
12-15 Kilos / Acre
30-37 Kilos / Hectare
Pack size 20kg

• Prevention of winter soil erosion into water courses
• Locates nutrients in the soil after previous crop soaking up N, decreasing winter leaching
• Organic matter to the soil improving its quality, structure and nutrient holding
• I-DS XL Blending ensures the mixture delivers maximum performance

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NEW I-DS XL mixture

The fastest establishing grass ever available with Yield potential 21t DM/ha.
The only choice where extra forage is required immediately
Establishes quickly to provide winter cover even at cool temperatures 5-7°C
Offers production late into autumn, delivering extra grazing opportunities over winter
Exceptionally high yielding & fast growth providing a mature crop in 8-10 weeks
Sown in Spring or Autumn, will produce a brilliant first cut + rapid growth thereafter


I-DS XL mixture ensures top yield potential for both Autumn and Spring production and
exceptional potential for excellent grazing and Autumn silage after Winter Barley. The very
vigorous establishment of our Westerwolths Ryegrass combined with Diploid content for higher
dry matter is superior than stubble turnips for lamb finishing, with assured re-growth
Up to 18 months duration of full production potential and could also be established after a spring
cereal harvest. Stitching in I-DS XL @ 10Kg/Acre after 18 months is recommended.
Later production = winter grazing option
Thanks to its ability to germinate at lower temperatures than conventional leys meaning it can be
sown safely even throughout October.

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Weight 20 kg
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