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VERY FEW feed or seed companies now provide the expertise required to correctly formulate equine grass mixtures, or commonly know paddock grass seed. Often a mixture best suited to silage for cattle is supplied. While in reality what horse “folk” are looking for is a sward that is tidy, hard wearing and relatively easy to manage. What the horse is looking for is a short, dense sward that is palatable and will provide grazing for as many months of the years as possible.

i-Dealseed specially formulated HERBAL MIXTURE

This mixture has been designed to be added to long term pasture mixtures to provide minerals and trace elements. It may also be sown as herbal strip along a hedgerow.
Several species of plant are known for their ability to reduce worm (nematode) populations, these are known as ‘Natural Anthelmintic’. Introducing a natural anthelmintic into the diet, such as the species shown in this mixture, can significantly reduce worm populations, both in the field and in the digestive system, helping reduce vet bills and improve animal health “well worth the initial additional cost”.

Horse Paddock Care – Laminitis

Laminitis is one of the most common causes of lameness and disability of your best friend, Laminitis is a disease that affects the feet of hooved animals. It is characterized by inflammation of the digital laminae of the hoof. Severe cases with outwardly visibly clinical signs are known by the term founder.

Greed or over feeding

Theory states if a horse is given excess grass it may be unable to digest all, causing fermentation in the hind gut and killing beneficial bacteria. This can result in body- wide inflammation, particularly in the laminae of the feet, where swelling tissues have no place to expand without causing injury to other structures.

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